WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus sticks out as a fab and improved model of the regular WhatsApp we are acquainted with. It’s a success among users for its specific capabilities and additional options. With this Plus version, you get greater manipulation over your privacy – you may conceal your online repute, and blue ticks, and control who sees your media files. The app lets you have fun with issues, permitting you to personalize your chat background.

WhatsApp Plus Apk

WhatsApp Plus sticks out as a fab and improved model of the regular WhatsApp we are acquainted with. It’s a success among users for its specific capabilities and additional options. With this Plus version, you get greater manipulation over your privacy – you may conceal your online repute, and blue ticks, and control who sees your media files. The app lets you have fun with issues, permitting you to personalize your chat background. But it’s not pretty much looks; this advanced version makes sharing documents less difficult too. You can ship bigger documents, making communication smoother.

What’s handy is the anti-revoke feature, which helps you to nonetheless see messages even if a person deletes them. This plus version app strikes a top-notch stability between being clean and smooth to use.






Features of WhatsApp Plus

This plus version comes with all the official features and many advanced features of WhatsApp. It will completely change your approach to instant messaging and free video calling with its quality features.

Hiding Options

Themes Support

Emoji Variant

Hiding Options

WhatsApp Plus APK presents customers with an array of hiding alternatives, allowing them to hold a heightened stage of privacy. Conceal your view of fame to avoid inadvertently notifying others whilst you’ve seen their messages. The potential to hide blue ticks guarantees your message reads past neglected, at the same time as the ‘continually online’ reputation adds an interesting layer of control over your online presence, ideal for users who cost discretion.

Themes Support

Dive right into a world of creativity with its expansive subject matter aid. The devoted WA Plus keeps giving an ever-developing collection of topics, starting from colorful hues to minimalistic designs. Each topic transforms the person interface, supplying a visually clean and customized enjoyment that goes past the same old WhatsApp.

Emoji Variant

Expressing emotions becomes a delightful experience with its Emoji versions. Choose from an eclectic blend, along with the nostalgia of vintage WhatsApp, the simplicity of iOS, the familiarity of Facebook, and the cutting-edge charm of Android O. This consolidated selection ensures users locate the perfect emoticon fashion to health their mood and communique style.

Anti-Delete Message

This advanced app introduces a completely unique feature that ensures your chat records remain intact. Even if someone attempts to delete a message they sent you, the WhatsApp Plus App retains the message, supplying you with uninterrupted entry to your whole communication history.

Font Styles

Add a non-public contact to your messages with its font style customization. From stylish scripts to bold designs, users can pick a font that resonates with their persona, making each message uniquely their very own.

Unleash Limit

Break loose from the constraints imposed via standard WhatsApp. With WhatsApp Plus, you can forward longer messages, share a bigger quantity of pictures in an unmarried move, and send photographs of their full decision. This function caters to customers who value efficiency and versatility in their messaging experience.

Dark Mode

Descargar WhatsApp Plus APK now not only contains the famous darkish mode characteristic but complements it for advanced visibility. Perfect for middle-of-the-night utilization, this darkish mode reduces eye pressure and provides a visually appealing interface for customers who prefer a darker aesthetic.

Direct Message

Streamline your verbal exchange with its direct messaging function. Reach out to numbers no longer stored on your phone contacts without delay via the app, getting rid of the want to add useless contacts in your cope with ebook.

Freeze Last Seen

Gain greater management over your online presence with its “Freeze Last Seen” characteristic. By hiding your online popularity, you can manipulate when your contacts see your ultimate energetic time, presenting a brought layer of privacy.

Contacts, Groups, and Call Settings

WhatsApp Plus complements privacy settings across the board. Tailor your enjoyment via hiding signs together with blue ticks, typing, and recording for character contacts or companies. Additionally, customize call settings consistent with your preferences, making sure personalized and seamless calling revels in.

Chats and Status

In the chat settings, customers can disable the ahead option, permit anti-delete messages, or even display blue ticks after a response, adding nuanced management over the flow of communication. Status settings permit the discreet hiding of view fame and anti-delete fame, imparting comprehensive privacy customization.

Security Options

Security is a pinnacle of precedence with WhatsApp Plus. The app offers critical security functions which include pattern lock, PIN lock, and invisible pattern alternatives. Users can pick out the extent of safety that fits their needs, ensuring their messages and information remain secure.


This Plus version app caters to sticky label enthusiasts with a wide variety of decal packs and wallpapers to be had through accessories. These accessories permit users to enhance their messaging revel in with innovative and expressive content material.

Multi-App Language Support

The inclusivity of Descargar WhatsApp Plus is clear in its support for more than one language, making it accessible to customers around the world. This function ensures that a large user base can without difficulty use the app in their desired language.

Hide Your Online Status

Maintaining privacy is simplified with its capability to hide your online repute. This function ensures that your contacts are unaware of your real-time availability, imparting peace of thought for customers who cost discretion.

Message Scheduler

Take manipulation of your messaging agenda with its message scheduler. This feature lets users draft and agenda messages to be despatched at particular instances, making sure powerful communication even all through busy schedules.


WhatsApp Plus simplifies communication management with its vehicle-reply feature. Users can set automated responses for when they may be offline or busy, making sure that crucial contacts get hold of well-timed acknowledgments and facts.

Download Status

Effortlessly download the fame updates of any touch with an unmarried click. WhatsApp Plus gets rid of the need for 0.33-party applications, imparting an unbroken experience for customers who need to shop and percentage their contacts’ updates.

Airplane Mode

Take the rate of it slow via enabling plane mode for WhatsApp. This precise feature disconnects the internet get right of entry to solely for the app, allowing customers to be cognizant of other responsibilities without interruptions even as nevertheless having complete management over their messaging app.

Increased Sending Limit

WhatsApp Plus liberates customers from length constraints. Share media files of any size and ahead messages to as many contacts as preferred, offering extra bendy and handy messaging for customers who often proportion media and records.

GBWhatsApp vs. WhatsApp

Choosing among the Plus version and the normal WhatsApp? Let’s ruin it.

Look and Feel

WhatsApp keeps it simple and clean, whilst WhatsApp Plus provides a fab feature – themes! With WhatsApp Plus, you can personalize your chat history and make matters appear the manner you need.


Privacy topics, proper? WhatsApp Plus offers you more manipulation. You can cover when you’re online, blue ticks, or even decide who sees your media documents. WhatsApp has privacy features too, however, the Apk whatsapp plus Ultima Version takes it up a notch.

Sending Files

WhatsApp Plus is a winner right here. It helps you to send larger documents, which is superb in case you proportion lots of photos and movies. WhatsApp has a limit on file sizes, so if you’re a huge media sharer, WhatsApp Plus is probably your go-to.

Messaging Tricks

Both apps allow you to ship messages and voice notes, however, WhatsApp Plus has a cool trick – the anti-revoke characteristic. Even if a person deletes a message, you can still see it. It’s an accessible feature in case you need to keep track of your chats.

Safety First

Both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus say they maintain your messages secure with quit-to-end encryption. Just consider, the use of modded versions like WhatsApp Plus won’t get the identical safety updates as the respectable WhatsApp.

Descargar Whatsapp Plus

Are you still using the regular version of WhatsApp for instant messaging? Then it’s time to try to enjoy the plus version with tons of advanced features. It will unleash the latest innovations for your online chatting, and video calling, and enhance socializing. If you are willing to try this plus version for your WhatsApp experience then here is the guide to take you through the download and installation process.

  • The first step for this setup process is to grab the latest version APK file from this page. So use the download button to do this Download stint.
  • Once, you tap the “Download” button it will take you to the file button to get the latest APK file.
  • Get the file and if it shows any alert for “harmful content” with a pop-up then tap on “Download Anyway” to proceed with the process.
  • After getting the file, next is installation preparation for which you have to go to Settings of your Android device.
  • In “Settings” scroll to find the “Security” tab that contains permission toggle for “Unknown Source” Installation.
  • Turn on this permission toggle and you are all set to head to the installation process.
  • Open the APK file, tap the install button, and complete the process of installation for this Plus version on your Android.
  • After completing the installation, open the app to setup your plus account in this app.
  • Just provide your mobile number and verify it as you do in the official Android app version of WhatsApp.
  • After completing the login and profile setup, you can start enjoying the plus features of this advanced version app of WhatsApp.


Is WhatsApp Plus safe to apply?

Yes, it is safe and trusted by millions of users to enjoy advanced socializing and instant sharing.

Can I use WhatsApp Plus alongside WhatsApp?

Yes, WhatsApp Plus lets you run both apps on the same tool, making it handy for users who need additional capabilities without abandoning the reliable model.

How does WhatsApp Plus deal with privacy capabilities?

WhatsApp Plus enhances privacy with options to hide online status, blue ticks, and personalize media visibility, giving users extra manipulation over their records.

Can I migrate chats from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, WhatsApp Plus permits you to import present chats for the duration of setup, ensuring an easy transition without dropping preceding conversations.


WhatsApp Plus is an amusing and reachable messaging app. It lets you conceal your online fame, personalize your chats with cool topics, and share bigger files without difficulty. The app even keeps your messages secure from being deleted with its cool anti-revoke feature. It’s an easy and person-pleasant way to add some greater laughter and versatility to your messaging. If you want extra features and a chunk of aptitude on your chats, WhatsApp Plus is an excellent desire to discover!